Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Mobile learning - the end of the beginning

Not an IT suite in sight.

I took a trip around a few of our sites to help get things ready for some new teaching \learning developments - it happened that all these developments involved mobile in one way or another, from a look at a new mobile e-board system to the start of a new innovative teaching room to using netbooks in workshop areas (motor vehicle) and a double classroom setup with 40 netbooks.

This is our new mobile display system -e-board and ultra short throw projector mounted together on a mobile stand with motorised height adjustment.

Easy to install and move around a room and between rooms.

Bring the display out among the learners and break out of the old "chalk & talk" style.

Below - a quick demo of the mobile e-board

Below - a quick view and description of our new "Green room" innovation learning area.
The room is bright, spacious and configurable in many ways to suite different learning needs. The room has modular tables for 28 learners and netbooks - the tables have central power pillers for laptop use. The room will later have an e-board table display and other display equipment.

More photos of our mobile learnign developments can be found here

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