Sunday, 7 February 2016

Naked: Back To The Spirit Of Blogging

I'm getting back to Blogger and getting back to the spirit of blogging.

I first started blogging with both Blogger and Wordpress in June 2007 with the post  "Web 2.0 Update" (Blogger Martin's Notes) and "Web 2.0 in Education" (Wordpress Martin's Weblog). 

I stopped using Blogger in January 2008 and continued writing only on Wordpress.

My Wordpress posts became progressively more considered, longer, objective, "academic" and laboured to write and probably to read. 

When a pleasure becomes a habit something goes missing ... I fell out of love with writing.

I've decided to get back to the spirit I started with in 2007 and get back to Blogger to write more freely and wide-ranging - to write shorter, faster, easier and more frequent posts.

I'll use my InspireNshare blog sites to write more specific and considered posts on education, technology, education technology and innovation.

The posts here will be a bit "naked" - rough and ready but they will be authentic and personal as I get back to the spirit in which I started blogging in the first place.

Naked blog - these posts will be my public personal thoughts.

LOL .. I left out the l in public and only just spotted it .. these posts will be "naked" ... but I won't be going there ... hence the fig leaf :)

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