Thursday, 2 July 2009

Free cloud file storage

Free cloud file storage

As recommended by Jay

1. Mediafire (unlimited storage and quite easy to use) However, doesn't allow uploading of folders, only files) Easy to share publicly or selectively.. See

2. Humyo. Cool. Allows Folder uploads. I think its 5 gig limit.

3. 4Shared (My favourite) There's a limit on storage but its nice.

4. SkyDrive. Very good. 25gig. File upload only though. can't share a link for some reason but I've attached a screenshot.

As Recommended by Richard - desktop x platform client uploader – single file max is 5Gb – unlimited space – priced at AmazonS3 rates on storage per Gb/month and bandwidth - desktop x platform client uploader - max single file upload is 2.5Gb – unlimited space - $34.95 per month for max 10 users

As Recommended by Tim

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