Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Microsoft Silverlight - wowing the developers

Silverlight is Microsoft's answer to Google Gears and Adobe Air for webclient code and presentation.

Microsoft's Silverlight is starting to wow developers - it has great potential.

As Microsoft builds its cloud systems Silverlight looks set to be a major plank on the web client side of this.

For developers it fits into a larger development framework called Windows presentation foundation - a framework that can include both developers and designers - the potential is good.

Rumour is that Microsoft will use Silverlight to deliver a web office

If you have Silverlight 2 installed - here are some examples:

Hard Rock Memorabilia
Here you can see the Deep zoom capability - here there are hundreds of images in a catalogue with gigabytes of storage which load relatively smoothly. This is a possible future general navigation technique - it reminds me of the early Seadragon presentations

Microsoft's silverlight showcase presents a variety of small applications

Mashoo lists some Silverlight games as examples of application

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