Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Asus Eee Linux Vs XP

Initial setup times
switch in, enter country; date/time; user info; connect to wifi network and configure wifi network then browse the net

Eee Linux 512Mb RAM 4Gb Flash drive = 3mins
Eee XP 1Gb RAM 8Gb flash drive = 7mins 30 seconds

Useability times
switch on to browse the net

Linux = 45 seconds
XP = 40 seconds

General impressions
Linux = more like a gadget and easier for the "normal" person to get on with - nice uncluttered screen
XP = traditional and for IT people - setup and operation feels more technical

Linux provides a nice clean interface with a good set of on-line desktop icons and usefful easy to use local aplications. I like the way the common icon are presented on the desktop.

The XP interface seems uninuitive - you need to know where things are (start, all programs, works). It seems difficult to locate and set up the wireless connection etc, This is strange given the amount of time and money Microsoft have spent on User Intreface research over the years - culminating in Vista......

I was surprised by the speed of XP - must surly be down to the solid state drive - the days of rotational media in user equipment are surey numbered.

Microsoft have managed to get some links to Microsoft Live on the menu - this is Microsoft waking up to the new world - head in the cloud but feet on the ground. I used live writer to create a blog entry on an existing live spaces area here - I really can't see the point of this approach

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