Friday, 7 March 2008

On-line safety - the role of academia

The Guardian on-line podcast here discusses on line safety with Stephen Balkham from FOSI

My summary of this is:

- Adults (including teachers and managers) need to become familiar with the systems being used so as to better understand the issues and risks involved - the pod says "the youngare fearless and parents are clueless" - this is a recipee for problems.

- Academia can play a crucial role in on-line safety - not least because our young spend so much time on-line at school and college. Academia need to provide material and education in how to be safe on-line - education - it's what we do.

Our ideas of "computer literacy" are completely out of date these days. Maybe we should be considering "computer literacy 2.0" - skills to use on-line resources and to search, evaluate, use and interact safely on the net.

Our college is developing an on-line safety approach is yours?

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