Sunday, 16 July 2017

No News Is Good News?

I'm watching too much news these days and its depressing.

Mainstream news that is ... I'm not talking about sports, music, science and even technology news and things like that but news programs like News at Ten or Newsnight.

In the last few days I've been not bothered to watch or listen to mainstream news and even avoided it and I feel a lot better for it.

The problem with mainstream news is that its dominated by politics and those interested in power - its no wonder that its these very people who are so obsessed with news itself and the more extreme they are the more obsessed they are with the news and controlling it. Mainstream news is dominated by actions of the borderline or full on sociopaths in positions of authority ... the scheming manipulations of power and greed. Listening to so much if this on the mainstream news just leaves a bad impression of humanity and our future.

The other problem with mainstream news is that it seeks out the negative and so often exaggerates it ... I guess news editors know what we like as good news doesn't "sell" nearly as well as bad news. Watching the mainstream news leaves me feeling pessimistic about the future ... a future of just one bad thing after another.

When I was young I paid no attention to politics and mainstream news - I was full of hope and optimistic about the future .... to my older self my younger self was naive ... but he was very happy.

I'm thinking of getting back to the mindset of my younger self by avoiding politics and the mainstream news ... it might make me happier but is this responsible ... shouldn't we pay attention to the conniving of the rich and powerful ... wealth and power usually go together. The news has changed since I was young ... in free countries the news is no longer the platform and cheerleader of the rich and powerful ... its highly critical - they don't like this but we do.

I think the way mainstream news has become more critical over the years exposes the rich and powerful for what they are ... news isn't naive anymore and it's this that is behind what I see as depressing and negative.

"I haven't changed but I know I'm not the same" 

You open Pandora's box and take the red pill and there's no no going back.

We need mainstream news the way it is ... it holds those in power to account and there are those equipped to do something about it but for most of us mainstream news increases our awareness but as an act of voyeurism ... we can only watch but can we do anything? 

Mainstream news ... I'll take a more balanced diet spending more time doing other things and I'll see how this goes.

"You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old." ~ George Burns

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