Sunday, 2 March 2008

IT services user support in 2010

"The role of IT services user support in 2010"

Developments in technology and in the nature of teaching and learning will mean there are changes in how we support our users in the future.

Here is a compilation of some of the ideas presented

We will need to consider the service provided for users own equipment – in college and outside

Questions such as: “I get a blank screen when I access webmail from home” or “ I can’t access the Internet from the college guest portal on my computer”

We will need to consider external-remote access for user help
Given the increase in remote work and learning our users will need to be able to access help outside the college

We need to consider our response to help
- we need to consider how we deal with emergencies ( techs with mobiles)
- should students/guests have access to our help system

We need to consider personalised service
Use helpdesk information to assist with service – e.g. inventory of user owned equipment, call history and notes – like patient medical notes perhaps.
We need to consider self help

Self service options through use of more information in the helpdesk on problems/solutions and user information
We need to consider remote interaction with users and their equipment
Possible use of remote assistance applications, video conferencing, voice, instant messaging

We need to consider proactive ways of preventing support issues
User training and information needs to be improved.

Seems like we could make use of ideas from the health services perhaps – information, appointments, mobile para technicians, proactive maintenance, clinics for training and service.

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